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Fighting for our future

My name is Philip James. I'm an Alameda native who's using my skills and privileges to fight for the issues I care about: Civic Participation, Housing, and Social Justice.

Housing for all...

In order to meet demand, California needs to build 1.8 million houses in the coming years. My primary mission is to push city, regional, and state governments to encourage housing growth, especially housing the is affordable across the spectrum.

...means we're all made better.

Increasing the housing supply will make our communities better, as we are enriched by new friends and neighbors. We'll need to continue to strengthen our economic opportunities and public infrastructure to meet this demand, and that strengthening will benefit all of us.

Government should serve all of its citizens equally

The bedrock of my belief is government for the people, by the people, and of the people. It starts with civic engagement, and calling out discrimination when we see it. Part of my mission is to make it easier for citizens to connect with the civic governments and leaders, and try to answer the question "How do we make sure everyone's voice is heard by their government?"